April Fools

I made a stupid a couple of days ago that I forgot to note.
signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon in … November? I think it’s in November. either way, I did it through Aarti’s brother’s childhood cancer foundation (I will be shaking people down for donations in the coming months), and then mentioned it to my dad.
I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but to recap: my dad was in the Marines. my grandfather was in the Marines. my mom completed an OTC in the summer of 1969. my parents met at Quantico. etc.
the Marine Corps Marathon isn’t the only marathon in DC, but its the older and more established of the two. it fills up quickly, as well. so I got in early, and told dad on the phone: “oh yeah, dad, I forgot to tell you. I signed up for the Marine Corps.” used the shorthand.
this would give most anyone pause. but it probably made dad — who was returing from his nine-to-five at Quantico when I told him — just about drive off the side of 95.

I am dumb. sign up for the marathon here.


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