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who is sick and tired of hearing about health care reform?

I am. I know you are, Smith. I’ve been reading every story the AP puts out on this — because that’s what I do at work, I read the AP wire — and all fucking week it’s been “Dems push toward final health vote” this, “Obama rallies support for health reform in Ohio” that. this thing has been going on for nigh 12 months. Obama was talking about health reform last goddamn April. which goes to show you how long it takes for the sausage of government to turn out anything these days.
there was a full-page ad in the paper today taken out by some PAC that threatened the local congressman, Tom Perriello, with loss of livelihood should he vote for the bill that is now in front of the House. those assholes on the right hate this bill, they hate it in a way that is as vital as the blood that flows through their veins, and I doubt that most of them could tell you what it is they really dislike about it. besides Obama is a socialist, and all your health care is going to go away and become more ‘spensive — like it isn’t already.
but the most amazing thing about the last eleven months of “debate” is the predictability of its course: Obama, and the brain trust of pompous jackasses that surround every president, decided to let congress write its own legislation, fearing a repeat of the failed health care attempt tried by the Clinton administration in its first term. while the Clintons were assailed for using a dictatorial approach that didn’t allow input from the People’s Representatives on Capitol Hill, their approach didn’t suffer from the glaring malady that Obama’s has: allowing congress to take the lead on anything will result in gridlock and an endless amount of mean-spirited political maneuvering.
such has been the past eleven months.
I don’t think anyone who isn’t lying to themselves could really think health care legislation is unneeded. we, as a nation, decided long ago to let medicine function as a commodity to be bought and sold, something that greedy bastards could hold over our heads and charge us out the nose for, and that market has grown exponentially. the Republicans, who in denouncing reform and regulation of insurance markets, regularly say that a market that amounts for a sixth of the nation’s spending shouldn’t be tackled all at once, or at all. no, of course not: those dumb assholes would rather wait for another couple of election cycles until it’s an entire third of spending done in this country, until one out of every three dollars spent from DC to California goes to paying a doctor bill. hell, maybe they could wait until they unseat Obama; paint their political opponents as freedom-hating foreigners; lose again after they demonstrate again that they stand for nothing but not lettin’ fags get married, preemptive warfare, incredibly bad education policy, border fences and no tax hikes; and then let another Democratic administration attempt this mess all over again. and then bludgeon them anew with the same charges.
this is the circle of political life in this country? it takes twelve years!
but I really do need to give the Republicans credit and spread the love around a little bit. this could have all been done in January if the Democrats — who hold massive majorities in both chambers as I type this — didn’t basically surrender for an entire week after they lost the special election for Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts. they was ascared! it’s like they gave up until they were reminded that they still had ten months in power in which to actually pass some legislation. so the Senate finally passed a bill through reconciliation (a simple majority vote usually used to solve contentious budget impasses) and, despite what that sonofajellyfish Mitch McConnell and the rest of the good ol’ boys in the GOP Senate caucus would have you believe, democracy didn’t end. and now it’s back in the House, where the majority leadership is having trouble getting the liberals (who still want a public health care option) and the pro-life democrats (who would rather derail national health care reform than allow the possibility that federal funds might pay for an abortion someday, a possibility which is entirely debatable) in line.
what the fuck is wrong with you people? just how stupid do you have to be to be a democratic congressman? is it really so hard to see that the longer this high-school musical plays out, the less likely your chances are that you’ll win re-election in November? I mean, come on. that’s what this giant, choreographed clusterfuck is all about anyway; it’s all political posturing. everyone wants to be able to go back to their district and say that they did the right thing, they didn’t vote for wasteful government spending or an expansion of entitlements or for killing life in the womb or for the Cornhusker Kickback or the Louisiana Purchase. but the longer health care reform is in front of congress, the longer the assholes on the right will continue to throw mud at it. they will write editorials about it, they will bitch about it on cable TV, they will have Dick Armey and a bunch of other cynical cancers whip gullible tea-party types into frothing anger about it, and they will blame it all on you, Democrats. I mean, I would bet my life that the average American doesn’t even know what’s included in the goddamn health reform bill. and that includes most everyone protesting outside of their local congressman’s office. but that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t hate it any less.
you are fucked if you pass it. and you are fucked even worse if you don’t, because then you’re not only evil to the screeching, ill-informed minority, then you’re inept as well. and that don’t play well at the polls. so just pass theĀ  thing already. America won’t burn to the ground! and if you think it will, you’re retarded. JESUS CHRIST. PASS THE THING ALREADY.


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