dick move

I like “The Price is Right.”
yes, it’s true. I find the show that celebrates consumer culture like no other to be … amusing.
and when you watch a game show while you sit around your apartment sending out resumes five days a week, you notice shit. you notice shit, man. things about the game, and how it’s played.
the contestants on “The Price is Right” are all audience members. I imagine the producers throw everyone’s name in a pot and pull them out as the game progresses, or something like that; I’m assuming that being selected to bid is a fair process.
if your dumb ass is lucky enough to get called up, you and three other mopes bid on a something like a solid-oak grandfather clock or a flat-screen television for a chance to advance in the game. the person closest to the retail price without going over the top gets called up to play some ridiculous game like Plinko or Pin the Pasty on the Hooker.
but the real viciousness comes during that first round, where the four contestants who are lucky enough to get a shot to bid on that grandfather clock through absolutely no effort of their own sometimes turn around and fuck each other over, but good.
so say you bid $930 … shit, it just happened again. I’m watching the show right now, and this move just got pulled.
alright, say you bid $927 for a chance to get up on stage with Drew Carey, like the 19-year-old girl just did. well, the heavyset blonde lady who gets to bid next decides she’s gonna bid $928 — leaving the first girl literally no chance to win. and then, because the plus-sized model didn’t win on this go-around, she has to stand next to the woman she just effectively torpedoed while the winning contestant flails about trying to price a Chevrolet Cobalt or score a trip to Sweden. she is left there until the next opening round comes around again. that’s like, 10 minutes of agonizing taping, while everyone in the room is aware of the asshole move you just pulled.
whatever happened to empathy for your fellow man? to good will? whatever happened to it, I say?


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  1. Spencer on

    What can I say, 19 year old? Life is just not fair.

  2. Philadelphia on

    It’s like in wheel of fortune when someone is about to win but they spin “lose a turn” and the next guy is like suckkkaaaaa!!!!!

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