the senate

I’m not gonna waste the time and energy to try and present this as something I noticed myself; it’s not like I spend every waking moment parsing the actions and statements of political leadership in Washington. I do not have the constitution for it.
but I pay a little attention to what’s going on in the politics and such, and considering the storyline of the week in DC — successfully suggested and promoted by Obama during last week’s State of the Union address — has been the seeming unwillingness of congressional Republicans to compromise or support anything put forth by the president … well, I read something timely today on cup of coffee No. 3.
the Washington Post editorial writer Fred Hiatt used his column today to make note of the fact that Senate Minority Leader and Kentuckian Mitch McConnell is, in fact, a fuckhead. it’s true! let’s read some Hiatt!

It’s impossible to avoid the conclusion that the only thing that changed since May is the political usefulness of the proposal to McConnell’s partisan goals.

what the hell is it Hiatt’s talking about?
sit down, and I’ll explain! sit! if you’re hungry, get a snack. I’ve got some unsalted peanuts here. Aarti thinks they taste “like chalk,” but she’s crazy: these are delicious.
okay, see, what McConnell did was he supported a bipartisan commission that would make binding recomendations to congress on ways to reduce government spending and increase revenue. because the nation is gonna spend, you know, something like a couple of trillion of dollars this year that we don’t really have. this was an idea put forward by Kent Conrad, who is a Democrat from the cold and boring state of North Dakota; and Judd Gregg, who is really named Judd and actually a goddamn senator, and from New Hampshire.
I had no idea they were thinking about doing this. I really had no idea. did you know that legislators were suggesting such a thing? I think that’s a great idea. and I’m really not kidding.
anyway, Obama kinda got around to endorsing this idea recently, which means that the administration didn’t really like it very much, and it came to vote and would have had sixty votes, which is required to get an amendment like this through the Senate, I think. but then seven Republican senators reversed course, voted against it and it lost.
why would they do this? 
because, according to McConnell, they want a committee that only makes suggestions on spending cuts, not tax increases. no tax increases, at all. because, duh, Republicans hate tax increases no matter what! no matter if your dog is on fucking fire. if your dog is on fire, and the only way to put it out is to raise taxes, your dog is fucked. because Republicans are not voting for that shit.  
but the real reason these seven Republican senators changed their minds on this bill, I suspect, is they figure it’s more politically valuable to them to kick the adminsitration in the balls again.
I will set the stage: this vote came up last week, and Mitch McConnell and a bunch of other old white senators from places like Oklahoma and Texas and Arizona got together and were like, ‘what do you think, you wanna vote for it?’ and then one of them said, ‘eh, fuck it.’ and that was that. 
politics seem to be a very self-serving business sometimes, and this, I think, is a pretty good example of that. because they don’t care if the federal government continues to stall, or that the market will continue to dance around holding its dick while it waits for Washington to just do something. they’d rather stick it to Obama. again. and again. and again. like lions taking down an elephant, they hope to run his ass into the ground, beat him in an election, and replace him with someone like Mitt Romney or Bob McDonell who will then make proposals that are inevitably more dumb than what the Democrats shit out and fail to pass on the Capitol floor.

and there it is. I just laid out the next seven years of American politics.