nasty cut

Howard Zinn died a couple of days ago. that sucks.

not quite a blizzard
it is snowing pretty steady here. again. after watching the response to last month’s blizzard, the novelty of snowstorms in Virginia has worn off.
why? because these people don’t know how to handle a snow storm. yeah, that’s right. I said it.
and, as no one wants to pay the goddamn bills to fix the fucking roads in this state, they don’t have the resources to plow the streets even if they did. so wed had something akin to a local transportation apocalpyse.
and … yes, because I don’t have boots. because it’s not supposed to snow in Virginia! no, it’s just not. mayo is not supposed to go on french fries, and it’s not supposed to snow in Virginia. there are rules.

the dumb, dumb musings of a college basketball fan
I hate Illinois hoops. you know why? their pep band played “come out and play” by the Offspring right now. and that is really gay.
but oh no, that’s not the only reason. because I can’t stand Mike Tisdale, that archtype: the rare, talented giant white guy who plays for the team that isn’t yours that you find really annoying. because of that chestbump thing a couple of years ago after Eric Gordon reneged on his verbal commitment to Bruce Weber. well, fuck that. he’s from Indianapolis. 
but mostly because they’re just an Indiana rival. I don’t hate Purdue hoops nearly as much I hate Illinois, which is verboten for most IU fans. but, eh. Hummel’s from Valpo! so I’ll save my blind hatred for the NFL, the other organized sport I pay attention to.
I  just watched Indiana lose on an admittedly great play by the Illinois guard, McCamey, as time expired. we were down 13 at one point in the first half, and I thought we were gonna get run out of the gym, but we came back, lead by six at a point in the second half. so that’s twice we’ve lost to Illinois this year, but we were supposed to lose this game, not lose on a prayer at the buzzer. Illinois needed this win a lot more than we did. and really, who gives a fuck if we make it into the NIT at the end of the season? for our future is bright, and we will be back.

Obama argued with House Republicans on live television for an entire hour and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

“If there’s uniform opposition because the Republican caucus doesn’t get 100 percent or 80 percent of what you want, then it’s going to be hard to get a deal done. That’s because that’s not how democracy works.”

instead of an argument, you may call it polite debate. fine. I call it something that stupid asshole who was our last president for eight years never did. because, if he had, he would have looked like awful. he would have mispronounced words, and blinked a lot. because he was a stupid asshole.
I was gonna “live blog” the State of the Union address earlier this week. I started to, got sleepy, and stopped and just watched it instead. if you watched it, then you probably know that  it kind of sucked, as those speeches often do, and it didn’t do much to alleviate the pressure the Democrats seem to be under in Washington after losing the Massachusetts Senate seat. they’re fucked! they only have an 18-seat majority now! all is lost.
but this Q&A with people like Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Provo does a lot for Obama that the speech wasn’t able to do. it shows he’s willing to debate policy, and he’s well informed. and this recent swing, from the administration on its heels after the party loses a midterm runoff to a mediocre annual clapping session to a whole hour spent dressing down some of the loyal opposition’s finest assholes while the cameras roll, shows that only a few days can make a difference.
I am not convinced, despite the howl of the professional pundit class that suggests otherwise, that the Democrats are gonna get smoked in November. yes, they will lose seats, but they’ve already got a large majority; it only makes sense that they would. but now the Senate Republicans have their precious fucking filibuster. that means stonewalling for the next ten months isn’t an option for them, because they’ll suffer as well. 

read and be informed.