you know, when the game went to overtime, I had this weird pang; for a second, I wanted the Vikings to win. the reason being? I’d rather have Favre in the Super Bowl just so I could root against his ass. I didn’t really have a dog in either fight today, rather just a dog I actively dispise: one Brett Favre. look how sad he is there.
but anyway, that moment was fleeting. and I did the involuntary fist pump and “fuck yeah” when he threw that interception with 14 seconds left, the score tied, and his team in field goal range. how quickly that feeling can go.
so thank you, Brett Favre, for being that asshole that I love to hate. if you decide to bring your bored ass back for another season, fine by me. you’re my NFL security blanket. my constant. every week, I’m rooting for Chicago, whomever Green Bay is playing, and whomever is picking off Brett Favre.


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  1. Mowgli on

    i like the guy scratching his head right behind favre

    correction – scratching his helmet.

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