“Fuck The World –Love Brian Halterman”
this was written with a sharpie on the gym rafters from where I watched high school basketball yesterday for five hours. I took a picture of it with my cell phone. I bet that guy’s an asshole.


this headline was on the front page of the Washington Post on Wednesday. I love getting the newspaper.

Obama points to ‘failures’ around Detroit incident
that’s about president’s assertion that “a mix of human and systemic failures” allowed the Nigerian guy to try to explode his underpants as his plane descended into Detroit.

and then just underneath it,
Republicans see political opportunity
which is about the cynical attempt by military hawks on the right to win votes by spreading fear. predictably, I read this story first.
this headline is packaged beneath the first one, and the story — in industry parlance, ahem — is known as a “sidebar.” isnt’ that interesting, these little mcnuggets of inside information?
this story notes instances of congressional Republicans using phrases like “weak-kneed liberals in fundraising literature and pollsters discussing the potential voter response to suggestions that Democrats can’t handle national security. and at the tail end of it, it makes note of the fact that “the Republican strategy is further complicated by the fact that the nation’s counterterrorism intelligence and security procedures were created after Sept. 11, 2001, by (President George W.) Bush and congressional Republicans. Current watch-list systems were put in place years ago and have not changed. In addition, the former Guantanamo detainees who showed up in al-Qaeda leadership in Yemen and were released by Bush two years ago.” I bolded that. that wasn’t, you know, in the story or nuthin.’

this headline is on the Post’s A3:
Former Guantanamo detainees fuel growing al-Qaeda cell
which discusses that last paragraph of that sidebar that started on A1, and ended on A4 among the advertisements and tall trees.