i eat my vegetables

this is a weird little song.

I had a very, nice, Christmas. I was not looking forward to it, I was wound up like a top for about half a week before it, but I must say I was surprised by how … delightfully easy it was. like a ship on a calm sea.
I got a couple of books and a bunch of running stuff, and I’m going to use all of it. last week’s apocalyptic snow storm — the city and surrounding county were woefully unprepared, and it was like fuckin’ Ice Road Truckers here for about five days — has kept me from running recently, and I need to get back on the horse. I feel heavy. like a sandwich, with too much mayonnaise. 
and look at that, there’s my third metaphor of the evening. alright. work: back to it.


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    bow before my fantasy football greatness! two. baby. two.

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    you’ll like this

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