snow day

it has snowed like a crazy, crazy son of a bitch the past day. there’s at least 18 inches of snow on the ground, which is a lot for Virginia. my truck is lodged in a snow drift in front of Aarti’s house, and I haven’t tried to move it since last night. they haven’t plowed this road in an entire day. the entire city has seemingly shut down. few cars on the roads, and but a handful of people on the streets. 
there’s a snow drift in front of my house that will be there when I get back to it sometime tomorrow, because no one owns snow shovels around here. and I gotta be at work tomorrow, north side of town, by high noon. 5 pm deadline. have you ever heard of such ridiculousness?

either way, the crippling, crippling light dusting of snow that has fallen on the mid-Atlantic actually worked out in favor for the Senate. it involuntarily sequestered them on Capitol Hill, required them to focus on legislation. this may be speculation, but I like to think of all of them stuck under the dome, burning fax machine paper for warmth, wearing the same clothes they’ve had on for three days. panache running on the ladies. stale farts in the shorts of all the waspy old men.
but I read that this afternoon, they came out with a 60-vote supermajority that can break the Republicans’ threat of filibuster. Nebraska’s Sen. Ben Nelson, who wants to be known as the guy who laid the tracks for a future logjam of bureaucratic paperwork, has made the Democratic leadership create a separate-check scheme to imply the federal government won’t pay for abortion-covering insurance plans. so he’s on board! and he, daring rascal Joe Lieberman, and baby make three, plus 57, and you’ve got 60.
so fuck you, Mitch McConnell. they’ll get done reading that bill sooner or later, and then you’ll have failed to do anything of use, but unsuccessfully block the Democrats from passing a health care bill that you had no hand in writing. imagine they got the fuck over it and accepted that reforming this clusterfuck market that is American healthcare was going to happen and had contributed to it. imagine what the bill might look like. just, imagine.