the Washington Times, DC’s only conservative alternative to the Post that also happens to be owned by a messianic Korean cult leader, is laying off a little less than half of its workforce and is going to start giving away its papers for free. kindling you can use, when you lose your job, too!

but who gives a shit about that?
college basketball season is back. hooray!
the ACC/Big Ten Challenge was on the last couple of nights. just an excuse for ESPN to broadcast a bunch of game between major leagues. pfft. fine with me, I’ll watch that shit. except when I’m working. like I did, the last couple of nights. I didn’t get to watch anything. a tragedy.
so, a recap. I’ll even use bullet points, cause I never, ever use the bullet points:

  • Indiana, now in rebuilding year number two, lost to that son of a bitch Greivis Vasquez and Maryland.
  • Minnesota lost at Miami.
  • Wisconsin beat Duke, in a game that I wish had been decided by a small nuclear device detonating in the arena.
  • Boston College beat Michigan, which gave me no small amount of pleasure. I don’t like Michigan. it isn’t the coach, John Beilein, whom I dug when he was at West Virginia. backdoor cuts! and it isn’t even so much that he jumped ship to go to Ann Arbor; I can understand that. I just don’t like Michigan teams. as a rule. 
  • which is funny. because Purdue beat Wake Forest, and I’m okay with that. I’m an IU graduate, and many of those who read this tripe are IU graduates, and we’re all supposed to hate Purdue, Indiana’s in-state rival. but,  as I know most of you could give a shit about college basketball — or college sports in general — I will puzzle over my lack of vitriol for the Boilers alone. maybe I sound too much like your grandparents, but their coach, Matt Painter, recruits most of his players from Indiana. Robbie Hummel went to my high school. E’Twaun Moore is from East Chicago. and they play defense. and I like that shit.
  • Florida State lost to Ohio State.
  • UNC beat visiting Michigan State by seven, and an ESPN sports anchor called it a “blowout.”
  • Va Tech beat Iowa, and Virginia (which plays about three miles from where I sit) lost to Penn State. these games get one bullet point, because no one goddamn cares about any of these teams.
  • and last and certainly least, Clemson gave up a 23-point second half lead to lose to Illinois. at home. I swear, Clemson pulls this bullshit every year. how the fuck you could be a Clemson tigers fan is beyond me. this is made all the worse, of course, because I hate Illinois like no other basketball program in our country’s young history. which might be a bit of an overstatement, but one I’m willing to let ride for a few months, in online print.

ps — if you like the college hoops, this here is a neat, interesting college hoops blog. it is written by the guy who was the sports editor at the IDS when, shit, I used to write this blog during my copy chief shifts there.


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  1. o-h-i-o on

    Ann Arbor is a whore!

  2. Smith on

    I stumbled onto this random Muse link and gave “Knights of Cydonia” a listen. I never really gave that song a second thought until now, but it’s pretty god damn awesome if you ask me. They really nail the harmonic lyrics and the guitar play is pretty tight throughout. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8WP7aOD_9Q

    I should get that album, see if it’s up to the same snuff. To the Google!

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