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get down on some of this on New Years Eve

I watched a hindi movie last night. but Aarti fell asleep before she could tell me what it all means!
anyway, Indian cinema never saw a chance to break away for ten minutes of singing and dancing that it didn’t like. and because that’s totally rad, I would suggest checking this out.



“Fuck The World –Love Brian Halterman”
this was written with a sharpie on the gym rafters from where I watched high school basketball yesterday for five hours. I took a picture of it with my cell phone. I bet that guy’s an asshole.


this headline was on the front page of the Washington Post on Wednesday. I love getting the newspaper.

Obama points to ‘failures’ around Detroit incident
that’s about president’s assertion that “a mix of human and systemic failures” allowed the Nigerian guy to try to explode his underpants as his plane descended into Detroit.

and then just underneath it,
Republicans see political opportunity
which is about the cynical attempt by military hawks on the right to win votes by spreading fear. predictably, I read this story first.
this headline is packaged beneath the first one, and the story — in industry parlance, ahem — is known as a “sidebar.” isnt’ that interesting, these little mcnuggets of inside information?
this story notes instances of congressional Republicans using phrases like “weak-kneed liberals in fundraising literature and pollsters discussing the potential voter response to suggestions that Democrats can’t handle national security. and at the tail end of it, it makes note of the fact that “the Republican strategy is further complicated by the fact that the nation’s counterterrorism intelligence and security procedures were created after Sept. 11, 2001, by (President George W.) Bush and congressional Republicans. Current watch-list systems were put in place years ago and have not changed. In addition, the former Guantanamo detainees who showed up in al-Qaeda leadership in Yemen and were released by Bush two years ago.” I bolded that. that wasn’t, you know, in the story or nuthin.’

this headline is on the Post’s A3:
Former Guantanamo detainees fuel growing al-Qaeda cell
which discusses that last paragraph of that sidebar that started on A1, and ended on A4 among the advertisements and tall trees.

i eat my vegetables

this is a weird little song.

I had a very, nice, Christmas. I was not looking forward to it, I was wound up like a top for about half a week before it, but I must say I was surprised by how … delightfully easy it was. like a ship on a calm sea.
I got a couple of books and a bunch of running stuff, and I’m going to use all of it. last week’s apocalyptic snow storm — the city and surrounding county were woefully unprepared, and it was like fuckin’ Ice Road Truckers here for about five days — has kept me from running recently, and I need to get back on the horse. I feel heavy. like a sandwich, with too much mayonnaise. 
and look at that, there’s my third metaphor of the evening. alright. work: back to it.

25 or six to four

hey look, it’s a real-live goddamn volcano. that’s pretty neat.

snow day

it has snowed like a crazy, crazy son of a bitch the past day. there’s at least 18 inches of snow on the ground, which is a lot for Virginia. my truck is lodged in a snow drift in front of Aarti’s house, and I haven’t tried to move it since last night. they haven’t plowed this road in an entire day. the entire city has seemingly shut down. few cars on the roads, and but a handful of people on the streets. 
there’s a snow drift in front of my house that will be there when I get back to it sometime tomorrow, because no one owns snow shovels around here. and I gotta be at work tomorrow, north side of town, by high noon. 5 pm deadline. have you ever heard of such ridiculousness?

either way, the crippling, crippling light dusting of snow that has fallen on the mid-Atlantic actually worked out in favor for the Senate. it involuntarily sequestered them on Capitol Hill, required them to focus on legislation. this may be speculation, but I like to think of all of them stuck under the dome, burning fax machine paper for warmth, wearing the same clothes they’ve had on for three days. panache running on the ladies. stale farts in the shorts of all the waspy old men.
but I read that this afternoon, they came out with a 60-vote supermajority that can break the Republicans’ threat of filibuster. Nebraska’s Sen. Ben Nelson, who wants to be known as the guy who laid the tracks for a future logjam of bureaucratic paperwork, has made the Democratic leadership create a separate-check scheme to imply the federal government won’t pay for abortion-covering insurance plans. so he’s on board! and he, daring rascal Joe Lieberman, and baby make three, plus 57, and you’ve got 60.
so fuck you, Mitch McConnell. they’ll get done reading that bill sooner or later, and then you’ll have failed to do anything of use, but unsuccessfully block the Democrats from passing a health care bill that you had no hand in writing. imagine they got the fuck over it and accepted that reforming this clusterfuck market that is American healthcare was going to happen and had contributed to it. imagine what the bill might look like. just, imagine.

he was camping

this douchebag owes my mom some money.

happy holidays

edited edited edited

xmas letter 2009

Season’s Greetings!

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spending bills in Congress and climate change in Copenhagen, and all I did this week was watch football on TV

Aarti has a website. for her jewelry-makin’ business. that’s an industry term. check it out, it’s pretty neat!

I have to write the annual family Christmas letter tonight.
tonight. so everybody get ready!

ten years in the goddamn hole

 30 days? how about a decade. 

“that really is remarkable — based soley upon the continued violation of grooming policy — to put somebody in the hole for 10 years.”

maybe reggae would have been more appropriate. but I think not.

Bill Clinton was president when a handful of Virginia prisoners entered segregation cells rather than cut their hair. The inmates, Rastafarians, complain the Department of Corrections’ grooming policy of Dec. 15, 1999, violates their religion. … 
Next week marks a decade that at least eight of them have been confined alone in small cells for refusing to comply — allowed out for three showers and five hourlong recreation periods a week.


the Washington Times, DC’s only conservative alternative to the Post that also happens to be owned by a messianic Korean cult leader, is laying off a little less than half of its workforce and is going to start giving away its papers for free. kindling you can use, when you lose your job, too!

but who gives a shit about that?
college basketball season is back. hooray!
the ACC/Big Ten Challenge was on the last couple of nights. just an excuse for ESPN to broadcast a bunch of game between major leagues. pfft. fine with me, I’ll watch that shit. except when I’m working. like I did, the last couple of nights. I didn’t get to watch anything. a tragedy.
so, a recap. I’ll even use bullet points, cause I never, ever use the bullet points:

  • Indiana, now in rebuilding year number two, lost to that son of a bitch Greivis Vasquez and Maryland.
  • Minnesota lost at Miami.
  • Wisconsin beat Duke, in a game that I wish had been decided by a small nuclear device detonating in the arena.
  • Boston College beat Michigan, which gave me no small amount of pleasure. I don’t like Michigan. it isn’t the coach, John Beilein, whom I dug when he was at West Virginia. backdoor cuts! and it isn’t even so much that he jumped ship to go to Ann Arbor; I can understand that. I just don’t like Michigan teams. as a rule. 
  • which is funny. because Purdue beat Wake Forest, and I’m okay with that. I’m an IU graduate, and many of those who read this tripe are IU graduates, and we’re all supposed to hate Purdue, Indiana’s in-state rival. but,  as I know most of you could give a shit about college basketball — or college sports in general — I will puzzle over my lack of vitriol for the Boilers alone. maybe I sound too much like your grandparents, but their coach, Matt Painter, recruits most of his players from Indiana. Robbie Hummel went to my high school. E’Twaun Moore is from East Chicago. and they play defense. and I like that shit.
  • Florida State lost to Ohio State.
  • UNC beat visiting Michigan State by seven, and an ESPN sports anchor called it a “blowout.”
  • Va Tech beat Iowa, and Virginia (which plays about three miles from where I sit) lost to Penn State. these games get one bullet point, because no one goddamn cares about any of these teams.
  • and last and certainly least, Clemson gave up a 23-point second half lead to lose to Illinois. at home. I swear, Clemson pulls this bullshit every year. how the fuck you could be a Clemson tigers fan is beyond me. this is made all the worse, of course, because I hate Illinois like no other basketball program in our country’s young history. which might be a bit of an overstatement, but one I’m willing to let ride for a few months, in online print.

ps — if you like the college hoops, this here is a neat, interesting college hoops blog. it is written by the guy who was the sports editor at the IDS when, shit, I used to write this blog during my copy chief shifts there.