the mouse wins

yesterday, on my day off, I went over to CVS and got some mouse traps.
for I have a mouse. he is a bastard, and I will get his ass.
after spending 15 minutes figuring out how to set the mouse trap, I baited it with peanut butter and stuck it in a corner where it’s been leaving droppings (yes. mouse shit). this morning came around and I was eating a giant bowl of Cheerios and reading the paper, when it dawned on me that I hadn’t checked the trap.
it’s kind of weird, hopping across your kitchen, giddy to find a dead mouse. it had a definite feel of Christmas morning, only more morbid.
anyway, the peanut butter had been ever so lightly removed from the trap, and it hadn’t been sprung. it appears that this mouse has a soft touch.  the little motherfucker. I’ll scalp him yet.

I’m taking the GRE on Thursday.
I don’t even want to think about what my score’s gonna be. it will not be low for a lack of studying; against all odds, I’ve actually done that. but it certainly hasn’t been easy, and my dread has increased as the day has grown closer. shit, I’ll be honest, I don’t even know why I’m taking this fucking thing. I just want to see what kind of score I’ll get. what I’m capable of.
well, that’s not true. I know why I’m taking the test; it’s because I signed up for it about a day after I found out the job is going away and I was in a panic. meanwhile, I haven’t applied for new work in over a week, and it’s bordering on mid-November. and I need a goddamn haircut.
and I haven’t even bothered to acknowledge that the Senate is now considering the passage of the first meaningful health care reform legislation in decades (but Vinegar Joe Lieberman will probably bravely fuck that up, anyway). and I haven’t acknowledged the Republican sweep in Va last week. and I haven’t run in four days. and Brandon fucking Marshall got 11 fantasy points for catching 11 balls in a losing effort last night against the Steelers, so that asshole Smith gets another goddamn win in the Buffalo Wild Wings league. everything is going to shit.