election day

big day for the commonwealth tomorrow. if you live in it, you should go vote, for your choice for governor, state rep, city council, county supervisor, or whatever.
if you aren’t registered, well. you’re a jackass. I mean that. what the hell is your goddamn problem, not being registered to goddamn vote? you have a civic duty, you dumb son of a bitch. exercise it.
but, yes. go vote tomorrow. I know who I’m gonna pick, and I bet you know who I’m gonna pick, too, but I’m still up for sale. I like 5th Avenue bars, and Reese’s Pieces, but well-reasoned political arguments will work in their stead.
so, if anyone feels so inclined to weigh in on one of the only statewide elections to take place in the nation tomorrow, you’ve got about seven hours before now and when I walk down to the polling station in the morning (9:30 am) in which to make me rethink my plans.
I really hope you go out and vote tomorrow. but what I’m also trying to do here, half-heartedly and much too late, is engender political discussion, at the expense of my own ballot.
I will get nowhere. most of you don’t live here. but if you do, be warned, asshole: I am not easily bought.


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  1. Lang on

    Too late, the Jobs Governor, the esteemed alum of Christian Broadcasting Network U., seizes the day!

    Yey! Jobs!

  2. aarti on

    Not easily bought? Hah – just cover it in peanut butter and chocolate and I’d consider you bribed.

  3. Anonymous on

    oh yes sir.

  4. dudeokay on

    that’s some pretty strong tasering, it is.

  5. Anonymous on

    Tell me you saw that crazy motherfucker at the end of it all, oh that made my night… right up my alley that was.

  6. dudeokay on

    he’s got a touch of Raelson in him, I daresay.

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