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that’s pretty weak


“In Vermont [this year], I broke my finger and didn’t have insurance,” said Treibitz, whose father is chief executive of a Colorado company that designs visual presentations for court trials. “I got my X-ray and gave [the hospital] a fake name and walked out. Is that okay that I am doing that — taking up resources because I am refusing to take money from my parents?”




I got a scented candle

it’s 30 seconds left in the Dallas/San Antonio game. it is tied. Tm Duncan just hit two clutch free throws, and it’s a timeout. Dallas’ ball. and for whatever reason, the goddamn camera is on manchild Dallas owner and Indiana University graduate Mark Cuban. who gives a fuck about him? this is a great game.
I like the Spurs a lot more when Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker aren’t playing. they’re obviously better with both of them, but I guess that means I don’t hate Tim Duncan. though my ear is not tuned to the NBA — at all — I’ve perceived a lot of people don’t like him because he’s boring. he’s definitely that. Tim Duncan is known as  a fundamental basketball center. and fundamental basketball makes for boring basketball shoes. I agree with this, but yeah, it’s not really very fair.

I’m … god. I’m tired. I’m tired as shit, for empahsis. and my legs hurt. why do my legs hurt? I went running today. that uses your legs, a lot, but that’s not it, I run all the time, and they never hurt before.
I am looking forward, a hell of a lot, to my impending vacation. I miss those people, god damn it, those dregs in Indiana. that’s right, Mar: dregs. you heard me. I don’t think I’ve been at mom’s house for Thanksgiving for a long time. I have speculated recently, that it’s been six years. but I have no records of where I was, I don’t remember … wait. I have the blog archives. let’s look:

2004: Valparaiso. well, so much for that.

I never get back to Indiana, and I sure do like it a lot when I’m there. but you got to wonder if you’re ever gonna get back there. not trying to suggest anything. it just seems like such a long way away sometimes.
we’ll see. one step at a time. but the first one now, is going to sleep.

it was written down

here is a song to listen to while you fuck off at work on Monday morning. maybe you should get a coffee; it’s early.
are you a coffee person? I’m not, really. but if breakfast is being had, pancakes and eggs over easy and grits and the like,  then I’m down for some coffee. yes ma’am. no cream, no sugar. just jet black.

it’s been a heavy week. I am gassed, and it’s only Monday that’s gonna begin for me in about eight hours.
but before I go: who’s hyped for the trial of the century? Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (the Ron Jeremy of terror), a handful of other vicious zealots who probably deserve to spend the rest of their days getting zapped in the balls at a CIA black site, and a nonstop media frenzy. I cannot wait for this fuckin’ thing to get going, I really can’t. this shit, I fathom, will be fascinating.
and it will be just, as well, because regardless of what some might say, I’m of the opinion that you can’t keep a motherfucker locked up for a decade without ever trying him. because this is America, goddamnit. doesn’t that phrase count for something anymore?

in space, no one gives a fuck about unemployment

get out of here with that shit

the mouse wins

yesterday, on my day off, I went over to CVS and got some mouse traps.
for I have a mouse. he is a bastard, and I will get his ass.
after spending 15 minutes figuring out how to set the mouse trap, I baited it with peanut butter and stuck it in a corner where it’s been leaving droppings (yes. mouse shit). this morning came around and I was eating a giant bowl of Cheerios and reading the paper, when it dawned on me that I hadn’t checked the trap.
it’s kind of weird, hopping across your kitchen, giddy to find a dead mouse. it had a definite feel of Christmas morning, only more morbid.
anyway, the peanut butter had been ever so lightly removed from the trap, and it hadn’t been sprung. it appears that this mouse has a soft touch.  the little motherfucker. I’ll scalp him yet.

I’m taking the GRE on Thursday.
I don’t even want to think about what my score’s gonna be. it will not be low for a lack of studying; against all odds, I’ve actually done that. but it certainly hasn’t been easy, and my dread has increased as the day has grown closer. shit, I’ll be honest, I don’t even know why I’m taking this fucking thing. I just want to see what kind of score I’ll get. what I’m capable of.
well, that’s not true. I know why I’m taking the test; it’s because I signed up for it about a day after I found out the job is going away and I was in a panic. meanwhile, I haven’t applied for new work in over a week, and it’s bordering on mid-November. and I need a goddamn haircut.
and I haven’t even bothered to acknowledge that the Senate is now considering the passage of the first meaningful health care reform legislation in decades (but Vinegar Joe Lieberman will probably bravely fuck that up, anyway). and I haven’t acknowledged the Republican sweep in Va last week. and I haven’t run in four days. and Brandon fucking Marshall got 11 fantasy points for catching 11 balls in a losing effort last night against the Steelers, so that asshole Smith gets another goddamn win in the Buffalo Wild Wings league. everything is going to shit.

election day

big day for the commonwealth tomorrow. if you live in it, you should go vote, for your choice for governor, state rep, city council, county supervisor, or whatever.
if you aren’t registered, well. you’re a jackass. I mean that. what the hell is your goddamn problem, not being registered to goddamn vote? you have a civic duty, you dumb son of a bitch. exercise it.
but, yes. go vote tomorrow. I know who I’m gonna pick, and I bet you know who I’m gonna pick, too, but I’m still up for sale. I like 5th Avenue bars, and Reese’s Pieces, but well-reasoned political arguments will work in their stead.
so, if anyone feels so inclined to weigh in on one of the only statewide elections to take place in the nation tomorrow, you’ve got about seven hours before now and when I walk down to the polling station in the morning (9:30 am) in which to make me rethink my plans.
I really hope you go out and vote tomorrow. but what I’m also trying to do here, half-heartedly and much too late, is engender political discussion, at the expense of my own ballot.
I will get nowhere. most of you don’t live here. but if you do, be warned, asshole: I am not easily bought.

once it starts, it don’t stop

and so, the congressional hissy fit goes on.

Upstate Republican, Pushed Out, Backs Democratic Rival

so the rundown, because I know all of you dirtbags won’t bother to click on the above link: Obama nominated a Republican congressman from upstate New York to be the Secretary of the Army. that guy said, “yeah, okay. sure.”
so there’s a special election on Tuesday to decide who will man this vacant seat until next year’s midterms.
as such, it’s the only race for a house seat this year. and what makes this race for an upstate New York congressional seat interesting to, you know, people outside of upstate New York,  is the fact that it had three major contenders in it. up until this weekend, that is.

so you have the Democrat; some guy who is only notable because he’s a Democrat. and then you had (note: had) the Republican; an assemblywoman named Dierdre Scozzafava, who had originally taken the nomination with the blessing of the local GOP establishment. and then you have a guy from the Conservative Party. now I don’t purport to know how this dude entered the race, but his name is Doug Hoffman, and he appears to be a Real American Hero.
Hoffman is purportedly running on a platform that places him firmly on the far right (though I can’t confirm, because his goddamn awful website keeps on freezing my browser), and has picked up endorsements from groups like the Club for Growth, the National Organization for Marriage, and Fred fucking Thompson.
well, if there’s one thing I learned from watching hordes of morons stomp circles into the National Mall during the poorly focused “tea party” rallies this summer, it’s that if you get people on the fringes of any political movement worked up, they’re bound to go out and create more of a stink than they actually merit. meaning to say: there’s lot of dumb assholes from around the country throwing money at this Hoffman cat because he’s ultra-conservative. and they think that his election will serve to put Republicans elsewhere on notice to nominate more conservative conservatives.
so they scored a small victory. after weeks of getting outspent by the Democrat on her left (Bill Owens is his name) and the Hoffman on her right, trailing both badly in the polls, and being hammered by national conservative organizations for supporting gay rights and legal abortions, Dierdre Scozzafava dropped out of the race on Saturday. she didn’t endorse Hoffman, but rather just bowed out, and told her supporters that they were free to support whoever they wished.
she wasn’t very happy about this. Michael Steele at the RNC issued some sort of condescending statement about how Scozzafava had committed a selfless act by getting out of the way, and immediately endorsed the other guy. and the conservative campaign danced a jig. she had, like, 15 percent of the vote, and that would give them a leg up on the “Nancy Pelosi democrat,” as they call Owens.
and then today, in a nice little “fuck you” to the conservatives, Scozzafava went ahead and backed Owens. that keeps the race between the conservative and the democrat decidedly undecided a day before the polls open, and to those in the know, it also says to the Republican civil war is straight rollin’. and that this contest in upstate New York will be a barometer, of sorts, on what kind of direction the party should be taken in. 
if it’s true that we’re witnessing a very public internal spat, then I’m all for it. the GOP could stand a few more years of doubt; those assholes have been voting in block formation literally for decades. Republican leadership has used dumb, traditional-family-values bullshit to push through tax breaks that reward the exorbantly wealthy and promote a painfully simple foreign policy for about 25 years. and now they’re tripping over themselves as to who’s going to lead. well, now, despite demographic shifts that indicate you can’t win at the polls by exploiting nationalism and xenophobia any longer, the Republican party has to wrangle with that seething base it has relied on for so long. during which, as a house divided, they’ll probably continue to fail. 
I hope this bloodletting lasts for another decade. nothing could help the country more than watching Republicans have a vicious, hurtful and time-consuming backyard wrestling match among themselves for a good while longer. maybe they’ll emerge as something I, you know, would actually vote for.