the chop

it was announced the other day at work that the copy desk is gonna get shipped to Lynchburg in a few months. consolidating the desk. a move that must save my corporate overlord money, in some way, because that’s the reasoning behind all of their moves. probably just fewer mouths to feed, if you’ve got every ‘community’ newspaper (a term used to imply being below a certain circulation) in the state using identical pages inside. well, not identical. they’ll all be a little different; they’ll be able to swap out specific advertisements in different cities, things like that.
anyway. that means a couple of things: first, the newspaper I’m at will continue to disentigrate into a bureau. a room with maybe half a dozen reporters, a photographer or two, and a couple of editors to wrangle them. and it means in about five months, me and the other three people who have my job title will either be invited to work in Lynchburg (home of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University), or find something else to do, be it school, work, travel. you may call this relocation of resources. I call it getting laid off. 
potato, potato.

what’s this about potatoes?

even if the position is extended to me — I doubt it will be, and I hope not to be around long enough to find out — I’m not moving to Lynchburg. I won’t dance around this, and this will surprise probably no one; I hate my job. moving to Lynchburg to do the same thing I do here for very little compensation, in a locale unfathomably shittier than the one I’m in now, is not an option. the Canadian said he’d rather be drawn and quartered. which I said was a little harsh. but you get the idea.
so if I’m definitely not moving to Lynchburg to continue to march down this mediocre career path, it means I got to find something else to do. 
well, I’ve been in slo-mo job search mode for about two years now, with nothing to show for it. maybe I’m being a little hard on myself (as in, I’m sure there are people out there with worse situations), but it’s not like I have the most outstanding resume. I’ve had work as a goddamn copy editor. and I don’t know what your job description is like, but mine started out as something grand, and then I made the mistake of hiring on at this paper, where they could have trained monkeys fill this position (hence its impending move to Lynchburg).
in the end, though, I”m not even that upset; like I said, I hate my job. ‘hate’ with a capital It Fucking Sucks. so, in a few months, I won’t be doing it any longer. that’s a good thing. now I get to do something else, hopefully something worthwhile.

sunshine and lollipops

so what am I gonna do? was it Locke who said, “who the fuck knows?” I signed up for the GRE, I’m gonna take it in a month. maybe that was stupid, maybe I should have given myself more time, but I don’t have an awful lot of that until unemployment arrives, and if it does, school starting not much later would be nice. so I’m trying to get moving. I’ve also been sending out resumes left and right, but that’s not going to get me anything. and, I’ve got a couple of other ideas floating around in the hopper, which at this point are just ideas, and aren’t worth being detailed here.
so what’s it going to be?

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  1. mowgli on

    what’s it going to be?

    maybe you need to consult the bones?

    I dunno…just throwin that out there…

  2. Anonymous on

    The bones have spoken! They choose you, willow ufgood.

    Go teach english somewhere fun

    go to grad school…. for what may I ask?

    Write a book damnit!

  3. Spencer on

    Dude fuck those guys. Lynchburg? The burgh of lynching? I’m sorry to hear this, but I respect your adamant refusal to follow them if they offer you that position.

    If you want a little vacation before the next move you’ve got a place in SF. We have an aerobed and I’m two blocks from the most amazing $4 burrito you’ll ever taste.

    Call me.

  4. mowgli on

    mm…$4 burrito…

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