time is short

I’m watching the Monday Night Football game. Green Bay is getting stomped by Minnesota.
I just witnessed what would be serendipitous in almost any situation. the Packers just challenged the ruling of a fumble on their own 1-yard line. they were contending that no, it wasn’t a lost fumble. the ball was lost and recovered by the opposing team in the end zone, resulting in a safety. a safety, Green Bay said, was the right call.
they were right. the call was overturned, and they gave up a safety.
so their options were they give up the ball on their own goal line, or they admit to a safety. now, they’re pretty much fucked, though I suppose they could overcome 16 points in about four minutes. I doubt it, but anything’s possible. but they sure look awful doing it. 

but of course, they do it against the Vikings. I hate Green Bay. I hate Brett Favre. and I hate the goddamned Vikings. if some freak tornado could hit the Metrodome right now, I would be a happy man.
but hey, someone has to win this game, I suppose.


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  1. mowgli and R and A on

    this is what you stayed in to write?

    football sucks.

  2. dudeokay on

    YOU suck.

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