jesus it’s late

look at this.

milky way

if that’s not one of the cooler things you’ll see today, I don’t know what is.

tonight was awful tough. the newspaper recently went through a design update recently. I may have mentioned this, I’m not sure. and its width shrunk — permanently — and it is taking some getting used to, apparently.
but, oh well. let’s us waste time talking about football.
the Hoosiers lost a game by three in the closing minutes against Michigan on Saturday — and on the road, no less — and that was a bummer. Chicago won by six which makes them 2-1, and not too bad. we’ll break Favre yet, we will.
and I had mixed results in the fantasy football thing this week. this is important news, I know. but everyone except my man DeSean Jackson rolled over and left me hanging. my team in Dave’s league is looking pretty ratty right now. I might have to force a trade with one of those junkie sports vultures. they’re all Buffalo Wild Wings employees. they bartend and watch Sportscenter for a living. how am I supposed to compete with that, goddamn it?
anyway. this week, brother, sister-in-law, his buddy from Charleston, and cousin plus one are coming to town for the U2 concert. this is on Thursday. jesus. I need to clean.
so yes, I’m going to see U2 this Thursday, that’s pretty cool. I haven’t actually given this a whole lot of thought, to be honest; I don’t listen to U2 an awful lot, but they’re still an act worth seeing if you get the chance. maybe they’re getting a little old. oh well. they’re still alive, and a lot of people still hate Bono, which adds to his relevancy, I suppose.
now, I can’t imagine that the above reads like a thrilling endorsement of a band I’m about to go see. maybe not. but, I will say that over a nearly thirty year career, they’ve got enough music piled up that they’ll put together a good setlist. I have high hopes for this. so I’m pumped.

alright. I swear, to god, I’ll start writing more. I don’t know what’s slowing me up. this blog’s sucked for a while now. if we’re giving out grades I’d give myself a C. maybe a C+. the pretty pictures of me and the galaxy make for good wallpaper. but I need something to write about, with authority.
the Bears via ESPN isn’t working. so, until I get over the writer’s block, thank god for the Chicago Tribune.