it’s been a slow week. not in the news, mind you; Obama pissed off Eastern Europe by backing out of that missile defense shield the Bush administration had been jacking it to for so very long, and Max Baucus has created a middling health care plan that everyone kind-of/sort-of thinks is alright. 
but I haven’t written anything. I’ve left you all without that flavor you love. I’m so very, very sorry.
and I don’t have much time to write now; gotta go running. this is very important today. on Sunday is the half marathon in Philadelphia, the one I’ve been working up to for two months now. that’s 13.1 miles. I’ve never gone that far, but I think I’m close; this last week or so, I’ve gone on three or four nine-mile runs, and I’m banking on adrenaline and reserve energy to put me over the top for the last four miles. and the eternal shame I will feel (for no good reason) if I have to stop in the middle of a race up and down the Schuylkill River.
anyway. that’s what I’m doing this weekend, driving up to Pennsylvania and back. I’ll be home on Monday, by way of Gettysburg — I’ve always wanted to visit Gettysburg — and I’ll take my camera, and I’ll take a bunch of shitty pictures.
so get ready.


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    I love shitty pictures!

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