the other major

have you been paying attention to what’s happening with the California prison system?
it’s bursting at the seams. there’s entirely too many people locked inside of it, stacked on top of one another. as demonstrated by that riot a week or two ago at Chino, or the recent ruling by a three-judge panel of the 9th federal appeals court (the dirty liberal one!) that the state must reduce its prison population by 40,000 over the next two years. 
it has to be done, because California is facing a scenario in which physical violence could realistically occur. it already has. but the state’s broke, has no way to manage this violence it fosters in these pens, and corrections is just another budget item.  and when you get down to it, keeping motherfuckers locked up for minor drug offenses might win you votes one day, but isn’t a realistic longterm prison policy.
the government there is completely fucked. do you see? this is what happens when you elect Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger to be the chief executive of your state. and don’t boil that down any other way. Arnold Schwarznegger starred in a Terminator vehicle recently. he was elected because he’s a celebrity, whose previous experience — besides ‘Total Recall’, ‘End of Days’, and ‘Kindergarten Cop’ — is highlighted by a stint as chairman the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. ‘Terminator 3’ got him elected governor, of the most populous state in the union. mull that over for a minute or two.
I’m wandering. but keep an eye on California over the next few weeks. watch Sacramento thrash about in deadlock and indecision, until that federal appeals panel begins ruling by edict, just to get the ball rolling.