these record labels sling our tapes like dope.

take a break from the gargantuan, ridiculous, drunken stumble that the health-care debate is turning out to be, and read about how the CIA hired Blackwater for that assassination program to kill al-Qaida leaders disclosed to the nation a few months ago.
you know this already, but Blackwater is that private military company from North Carolina (just another reason to hate the Tar Heels) whose employees got strung up on a bridge in Fallujah in 2005 (?) and shot a lot of civilians in a Baghdad square in 2007. the Bush administration loved these motherfuckers. thrill seekers. I mean, really. it’s a private military company. American mercenaries. Hessians.
when this story broke at the beginning of the summer: CIA chief Leon Panetta went to congress, told a handful of committee members that he had just learned of an agency program to target al-Qaida’s command structure, and he had shut it down. the reason congress — and by extension, us — didn’t know about it was because then-Vice President Dick Cheney told the CIA not to tell it. fuck Cheney. it’s a sad reflection on all of us that that son of a bitch was elevated and elected into the kind of power he still has.
anyway. everyone made a big stink out of this. the CIA isn’t allowed to attempt assassinations any longer, says the article, because Gerald Ford said so in 1975. people had bugged when they learned we were trying to kill Castro. but, as Cheney argues, we were, are, at War with Terrorists. of course we’re trying to kill these motherfuckers. they attacked us once, and have vowed to attack us again. and while I’m all for specifics and leaving congress in its right to declare war, the Bush administration made short work of that formality when it used the world’s most advanced, expensive military to invade Afghanistan. and Iraq.
am I wrong about that? I’m legitimately asking. did the nation officially declare war in either of these conflicts, or did we take the politically expedient route and consider them a Police Action?
but I digress. I’m typing in circles, because I’m getting cold feet about actually admitting to this. I’m with Cheney on this one. as he might say: kill those motherfuckers. I’m all for drone strikes, and alliances with obscure, central Asian warlords.
but what the hell does it say about our spy agencies when they have to contract out to Blackwater to do it? that’s the real question. the incapability of our own people to do this. motherfuckers are gettting lazy. what the hell are we pumping half of the national budget into defense for if the fucking defense department is just going to use that money to farm out all of the work we’re paying them to do? and I know that the CIA isn’t part of the defense department, god damn it, I’m speaking in populist right here. intelligence aids national defense, among other things. yes? 

oh, and there is a story in today’s Post about how public opinion has turned against the U.S. effort in Afghanistan. 
nice job, fellow Americans. only eight months into the Obama administration, and two months after the military was allowed to actually start trying, and on the day that Afghanistan is trying to hold a goddamned election, we’ve already lost interest. couldn’t we have waited, like, another week before we made that turn?