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“Sometimes I can’t sleep at night. But these are the times when you have to define who you are. To do anything less is to be an accomplice.”

also. I’m going to New York City. without Mike, or stupid ol’ Josh. right. now. so, I’ll be back in a week, with lots of hilarious you-had-to-be-there stories and badly composed pictures. you can go ahead and lock that in, broseph.


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  1. Smith on

    I love the absurdity of politics. I do. You really never know where it will lead to, because the only thing you do know is that someone’s going to lie, and you can never tell where a lie will take you. It’s amazing. C’mon, are you telling me that even after Round 1 in the 1990s, you saw the whole Hitler/Nazi thing coming? Hahaha… I mean what if, instead of the Holocaust, Hitler forced all the Jews into a low-cost, high-quality universal healthcare plan? Bastard.

    I love the fact that we’re still having this debate. All on the doorstep of America: the wealthiest, and from what I keep hearing, greatest, nation on Earth…………. Sorry, I got a little sidetracked thinking about how great it is that tomorrow someone’s going to lose their subpar insurance because they found out they were actually, gasp, sick. I mean, really. What the hell is your problem actually trying to use the insurance you’ve been paying into? Jerk.

    In case you forgot, having people live and die based on the whims of extreme capitalism and oligopoly market-control is great too. It’s so damn… cool, and unregulated, and conservative. I get that good kind of shiver up my leg when I think that every 30 seconds someone files for bankruptcy based on healthcare costs. Take a second to think about that. While you’re doing that, here’s a little trivia. Did you know that in order for a country to qualify for having the “greatest healthcare in the world” the average out-of-pocket medical debt for those filing for bankruptcy must be at least $12,000? I mean, those stupid freeloaders were just gambling their health to nature’s whims anyway. Not our problem. What’s that? 68% of individuals filing for bankruptcy had health insurance? Sorry, you’re going to have to speak a little louder, Glen Beck’s on. While you were ignoring those stupid “facts”, I hope you felt that shiver just now. It’s been 30 seconds.

    In 1833 we made the righteous guarantee to our citizens that they would not be thrown into prison for debt. I’m assuming a big piece of the logic was that no one should be penalized for bad fortune. Doing so creates a permanent yoke around our necks that we have no control over. It’s fitting and ironic that our country can ignore its brightest ideas just as efficiently as we do our biggest mistakes. Sure we won’t throw you in jail if you get sick, but we’ll foreclose your home and impound your car because you didn’t have the foresight to avoid getting cancer. Idiot. Everyone knows that you’re not supposed to get cancer.

  2. Anonymous on

    As always, well put.

  3. Anonymous on

    write something damnit!

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