bed is calling

I feel like a bag of shit tonight.

nine days on, two days off. and amazingly, not a shred of overtime in there at all. god bless creative scheduling.
I’m spent, man. I’m exhausted, I get two days off — tomorrow and Sunday — and it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna be enough. it’s not like I don’t have more time coming soon, and I will appreciate the break, of course. but that’s not gonna cut it long-term. 
I gotta get out of this job. so wish me luck on the phone this Thursday. I am going to need it.

with that being said, it’s still cool to work at a newspaper, especially when it produces stories like this one, about some incredibly nefarious lobbying efforts to influence the local congressman.
the reporter who wrote it and I, we talk about video games a lot. he buys strategy guides, and gives me tips. oh yes, that’s right: I have that kind of access to the local media establishment.