my mom is big on road trip games.
not so much perdiddle; a savage game of wits and response, where you look for cars with one blown-out headlight, call “perdiddle” when you see one and then punch your fellow passenger in the shoulder as hard as you can. no. this is not mom’s game. and we don’t count license plates, too. everyone’s eyesight is too bad for that shit. we have no time for your specifics, license plates. we’re all so blind, we probably shouldn’t even be on the road.
none of these are mom’s game.
mom’s game is Name That Tune. what you do, with Name That Tune, is you pick out a song, and you hum it.
this game is pretty easy with mom. if you aren’t sure what it is she’s humming, anything from the collective works of Rogers and Hammerstein is a safe bet. I’m pretty sure me and Mar both know the scores of ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Camelot’ by heart. they were our Saturday morning wake-up calls, for better or for worse.

annd, we’ll have to leave it at that. WordPress just ate the other, larger half of this post, and I’m not gonna rewrite it now.