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the good ol’ health care battle rages on in Washington.
I suggest you read this article that was in the Washington Post the massive lobbying efforts by the medical industry, and then go and throw garbage at your community hospital executive. just think of it: a huge, incredibly profitable industry built on medicare payments and human sickness. why would we want to interrupt something so lucrative with a public option devoid of a desire to turn a profit?

it is late. it sounds like my neighbors are dragging a bag of rocks back and forth across the floor. and I just ate a big-ass peanut butter and jelly sandwich. and all the while, we are having a national debate about race because Henry Louis Gates Jr. mouthed off to a cop and got arrested for it.
I don’t think anyone’s gonna really dispute that fact. all that really matters after that is whether or not you think race is involved, because Gates is black, and the arresting officer, a James Crowley, was white, therefore influencing the situation.
I think that’s impossible to know, and because that’s the case, it’s unfair to assume that it was. at the same time, many black and hispanic people in this country don’t like getting the police involved in anything. and that’s not because they’re all imagining hostility from the authorities.
Gates didn’t get arrested because he was black, it was because he pissed off a cop. he got on some cop’s shit because he thought he was being treated unfairly — or because he was jetlagged, a little cranky, and not in the mood to get talked down to in his own home by some asshole with a badge and a stiff smell of stale superiority.
no. my read is: it only became about race when Gates suggested it was. it’s not about racial profiling, it’s about cops. I don’t think James Crowley is a racist. I just think he lost his cool. when McDonald’s employees do that, they short you on your order of fries. when cops do that, you get arrested for disturbing the peace and later released with your charges dropped. which is a shame, but is at least an anecdotal acknowledgement of what a lot of people already think. maybe not quite a national zeitgeist. but an operating assumption.  

it’s raining
so while I’ve been out in the world, galavanting here and there, taking care of fuggin’ business and not posting on your favorite blog to read while you waste time at your work, I’ve been listening to a lot of  ‘Blonde on Blonde’ by Bob Dylan.
it’s kinda funny. these are all songs that you’ve heard a million times, but might never have placed or named. I’ve read that the meaning of ‘Visions of Johanna’ has been debated a lot. that maybe Johanna was god, or that maybe a lot of it was just babble because Dylan was high when he wrote the lyrics.
I might buy the god part, but the rest is bullshit. because he’s singing about Louise, who left him, for better or worse.


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