I have a big stack of books I am gonna start to read.
‘the communist manifesto,’ ‘rule of the bone,’ ‘interpreter of maladies,’ ‘insurgent mexico.’ I like having a big stack of books that I’m always getting around to reading. I may be lazy about it, but I’ll always get it done, god damn it. the slacker’s battle cry.

I’ve been slacking on the blog writing, and the Indiana photo stories have dried up. oh yes, I suck. I have had other shit going on, man, I’ve been busy. but, that up above, is from the northern steps of the Indianapolis war memorial, and that is a hell of a big cloud floating above.
I like that city. someone in the family once described it as a giant strip mall, and that’s not too far from the truth. it is  full-on Middle America, and that might be a knock for some people. but, eh, fuck it, whatever. it’s quiet, and wide open, and the roads make sense. and I like that cloud.

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