this food is ridiculous


I have made the mistake of letting Indiana grow cold in my head before actually sitting down and writing about it. but I think the above picture will serve as a good jumping-off point.

what we are seeing: this is July 5th, a Sunday at the lake shore in Portage, Indiana. the beach here is about, 15 miles, from mom’s house? I don’t know. that’s Lake Michigan, there, in the background. 
this beach used to be owned by the steel mill that is on the other side of the boat access, but the National Park Service bought it and got rid of the acid ponds.
and, yeah, that’s kind of Northwest Indiana for you, physically. cornfields up against decaying industry. and bikers. there’s a lot of bikers there, too. just another part of the natural landscape.
who we are seeing: mom is grinning, because mom is in her element: the family outing. she’s got the sunglasses going, and the camera bag, and in it is the digital camera that she has trouble operating.
and the hat. mom is big on hats, as you can see on Mar’s head. I was wearing one, too, as I took this picture, but I don’t think Mar is looking at my hat. I can’t tell if she’s looking at my cousin, Matt, the guy with no sleeves, or me. she could be staring blankly at Matt while he tells her an anecdote about college football, but she looks pissed, in the why-are-you-taking-another-goddam-picture kind of way.
Indiana was a fast five days, filled with a lot of driving and duffel-bag living but I don’t feel like I did it too quick. I feel like I didn’t spend enough time anywhere, but I can appreciate its brevity. maybe that’s what made it so damn refreshing to be there. it is quieter in tone, even moreso than here. less on the people, more on the sleepy. whether you think that’s a credit or not depends on the person. I kind of like it.

I think I’m gonna do this slowlike, with the Indiana photos. maybe more later.