taking Mar her bike: Indiana road trip

“what smells like dogshit?”
I didn’t get in to Valparaiso until around, what … 1 am central time? about a twelve-hour drive. didn’t look at a map. barely left the interstate. didn’t turn the radio on until Kentucky. didn’t roll the windows up until West Lafayette.
in Kentucky, in the evening, between Lexington and Cincinnati, there were fireworks exploding just above the trees. it was July 3rd.
“it’s you, isn’t it?”
in fact, it wasn’t. my cousin who was there, also named Matt, suggested it may be the dog sitting under the table. the mystery was never solved.  but I found it amusing that this was among the first things my mother said to me.
do you, smell like, dogshit. I was back. I was back in Indiana, if only for a moment.


I’ll write more later.