light sleeping

I am up late at night listening to Chuck Berry, watching ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and writing on my blog. it’s a media frenzy in my apartment right now. I’ve also made up a pot of spaghetti. I can eat up some damn spaghetti, I’ll tell you what. I am hungry tonight.
edits. so here is a video of Chuck Berry rocking the shit out of a room full of crackers in the 1950s. it’s an awful recording, but I think it adds to the song. the image is grainy. Berry looks like a ghost, and the music he plays comes in waves, and for me, courses. makes my toes tap. it’s music that I would fade to black to when the poorly received biopic of my life never comes out.
is it abnormal to listen to a lot of music that was made decades before you were born? I don’t think so. I love this song.

I would like to make an observation on the international politicking going on between the president of Iran and Obama over absolutely nothing.
nothing! Obama — and therefore the country — has been pretty reserved in his response to a violent crackdown on civilians by a theocracy. a theocracy. I think that’s important to remember.
it’s also important to remember that angry old grouch Sen. John McCain and his lackey, Sen. Lindsey Graham, made a big fucking stink about how the President of the United States needs to speak up for democracy wherever it should flourish, that he should “stand up for freedom,” or something to that effect.
the argument against the president being vocal was that the regime in Tehran, which understands that blaming the US and Britain for its problems gets a lot of mileage, would do just that: blame the US and Britain. claim their historic foils meddled. fomented trouble. etc.
I don’t know if Obama felt the glare of those who thought he should speak up, but he eventually did say something to the effect of, “I am very concerned by the response of the Iranian government against civilian protests,” and so on.
and I don’t know if the clerics who run Iran were planning on blaming the US one way or the other, but now they are. they’re arresting Iranian British-consulate staff. which is frustrating, because I can’t understand whether they’re trying to insult the world’s intelligence, or if someone out there might actually believe that bullshit. maybe I’m not an impartial observer, because I’m an American citizen. but I doubt it.
it had grown quiet. but now, the opposition is back at it. I think that is legit. it wasn’t a flash. the protest is still there.

I am now full of spaghetti. this movie is very violent, so I’m gonna turn it off. it’s dark, and quiet, and I’m done with Chuck Berry for the evening. I have a book I am reading. ‘things fall apart’ by Chinua Achebe. I’m gonna read it, and I swear, I will learn to relax.