it’s spooky

Iran is still with the buckwilding. keep watching Youtube. you will see wild shit like straight-up riots, traffic jams, cops beating everyone in sight.

Michael Jackson died today. the reaction has been pretty amazing. one of my editors at work, she teared up. I was kind of taken aback; I didn’t realize he had this kind of pull on people. but, as Phil said today, he’s on the short list of earth-shaking luminaries. Sinatra. Elvis. the only Beatle that had anything on him, I think, was Lennon. there won’t be this kind of rumble when McCartney dies, I’d imagine. I could be wrong. and this is despite the craziness that people have associated with Michael Jackson for the last 15 years. consider: the man hung out with a chimp, named his son Blanket, allegedly was into kids and owned the goddamned elephant man’s bones. yet, was widely hailed as the slickest performer on the planet. he was his own planet. he had has his own orbit.
anyway. the King of Pop, the most famous son of Gary, Indiana, even moreso than Glenn “the Big Dog” Robinson and Richard Hatcher and Valerie Drozda all rolled into one, is dead. long live the king.

the vast majority of you will hate this. the rest of you, well … well.


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  1. ashley on

    I couldn’t get past the first few lines of that video.

    I didn’t even know that Michael had that much pull on me, but for someone who likes to dance, it makes sense, I guess.

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