the boy has to learn

the Festival of the Photograph was this weekend. one of the cooler things Charlottesville puts together every year.
every June they hold a handful of photodocumentary screenings, and host speeches and exhibits by featured photographers. tonight I saw, with friends, this presentation of about two dozen mini-documentaries. some better than others, I gotta say, but definitely worth the watch. it’s intesting what you pick up on, what music suggests, what they choose to film, to frame, how much of it is left to interpretation. what others get out of it.

I’ve been reading about Kim Jong-Il, and in turn North Korea, as his story is its story. just a little something nice to fall asleep to. or to give you nightmares. and I think:  it’s ludicrous, really, when you think that someone, right now, is living in a closed state. how unimaginable a reality that would be, to see and experience the world in such a way.
I once saw a BBC documentary called “A State of Mind” on the mass games, these giant propaganda exercises put on by the North Korean government. they militarize the youth, or rather, the youth militarize themselves in their preparation, in these impressive group gymnastic displays, all for the chance to perform for the party leaders. who may, or may not, bother to show up. it’s kind of terrifying, and awe-inspring, and I think I’m gonna get it again through Netflix …
and I think my neighbors are having noisy sex.
okay. going to sleep. with commas, with commas.


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  1. catthrasher on

    Hey man, sorry that I never found you guys but it sounds like you enjoyed the show. Last night was so fun! Wooo hoooo!

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