crescent moons on the hood of your car

it’s late.
it’s always late. this is nothing new.
had an eye exam this morning. my sight’s growing worse, but I’m getting new specs, and they are good looking. I’m pumped. I also came across the Ray Charles sunglasses I’ve always wanted. they cost a boatload. but I’ll start saving change, and maybe I’ll come around to buying them.
while I’m on the subject of money: I ended up paying about $150 for that trip to the optometrist, and that’s including the free frames that my vision plan includes. that’s fucking ridiculous. what do I have health insurance for if I’m still paying exorbant amounts of money every time I go to a god damned doctor? 

anyway. I have two days off. that’s tomorrow — or today, technically — and Sunday. and then I work monday, and then I have Tuesday and Wednesday off.
the original plan was to take four days off in a row, get up early tomorrow morning and drive to Bloomington. I like road trips, or at least starting them out, before your back gets stiff and your face feels windblown and you’re hungry for things that aren’t fast food. but if you gut it out and drive with purpose toward Louisville and then turn north, you’re really almost there. 
I like to think I could get most places in this country without a map, but Bloomington I could do with my eyes closed. and me and Mar would kick it. we’d go swimming, we’d maybe rent a canoe, and I’d buy a hoagie from Dagwood’s and we’d probably get half-cocked drunk one night. god damn, would that be fun.
but I have put the kibosh on that shit for a few more weeks, because I forgot, I forgot, I forgot that Uncle Bill is coming to Washington next week. my brother told me that about a dozen times.
Uncle Bill is a good uncle, and I haven’t seen him in a while. he’s bringing his fiance and her son out to look around the city for a few days, and though nothing is planned for Bill’s visit, something materialize, whatever it is will be amusing. I think my family’s very funny. it’s probably a learned humor, but we’ll all be speaking the same language. 
as for Indiana, I was looking forward to it. but that’s okay, I’ll get out there soon enough. I was able to string together a few days in July that will allow me to travel. I’ve got five days. or, more specifically, five and a half days. so, what, let’s count: you gotta give about 18 hours to driving back and forth, but the rest is free, and I’ll be able to plan this trip a little more wisely. it’s gonna be between the 3rd and 8th of July. lock that in, everyone, commit it to memory.
until then, I am here. here is Virginia in June, and it’s muggy, and dark and quiet. tomorrow it won’t get much louder. I’m making cookies, and I like my company. there are worse places to be.

also: it turns out that it’s good that I’m in town on Monday. I have stumbled ass backwards into a job interview with a financial news service based in Charlottesville. it’s looking for copy editors.
truthfully, I’m not especially excited about furthering my copy editing career. but the job, if I were to get it, is secure, it pays well, and I could walk to work. all of that might not mean much if you’re indifferent about what you do for a living, and I’m fast approaching that, but it’s worth an interview, at least.
my, my. what a world away from Kabul copy editing for fuckin’ SNL would be.


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