then we played bones, and I’m yelling ‘domino!’

I almost missed this.
Cheney: No ‘evidence’ of Iraq, 9/11 link

‘”On the question of whether or not Iraq was involved in 9/11, there was never any evidence to prove that,” Cheney said during an interview Monday night with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren.’

I almost spit out my goddamned cereal when I read that.
it’s not like I can point to specific instances of Cheney claiming there was. I don’t have a date when he said it. I don’t know who he said it to. but unless I’m mistaken, even after the Niger yellowcake claim was thoroughly disproved, wasn’t the Iraq, 9/11 link the other talking point? if it wasn’t, it was implied, and that’s the way the administration wanted it — to be hazy, and unclear, and suggested and assumed. now this cocksucker is able to brush it off as an aside while doing a comfortable interview with a snowball like Greta Van Susteren, and there’s no ramifications for it. that son of a bitch.

and then today:
Cheney Led Briefings of Lawmakers To Defend Interrogation Techniques

‘An official who witnessed one of Cheney’s briefing sessions with lawmakers said the vice president’s presence appeared calculated to give additional heft to the CIA’s case for maintaining the program.’

why, oh why is something like 30 percent of the country still listening to this vile old fuck? why can’t we just take his advice on gay marriage, and throw everything else out the window?

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