so not too long ago, a couple of teenagers tried to run a stick-up at a drug store in Oklahoma City. one of them had a pistol. the pharmacist, a Gulf War veteran with what I’d call a penchant for firearms, pulled out his own grip, and shot one of them in the head while he pulled on a ski mask.
the second robber fled with the gun. the pharmacist chased him out into the street, but the guy’s in his fifties, wears a back brace. the robber got away, and the pharmacist went back inside. stepped over the unconscious teenager on the floor, and got another gun. and then shot the kid five times in the stomach.
he was 16, and the shots to the stomach killed him.
gun rights? self defense? racism? discuss.


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  1. Anonymous on

    Well I’m certain there are any number of details that make this a more difficult case than it appears to me.

    Old man = crazy bastard, shooting the kid in the stomach repeatedly… yeah youre kinda a nutjob if you do that.

    Kid /assailant/robber is down for the count… why not shoot them several more times in the stomach just to make sure he is dead? thats fucked up.

  2. Smith on

    I’m not sure how to express my feelings on this one. Let’s use the Dallas News comments section for help…

    Ah, Freenomore (great name) sums it up pretty well.

    “We can debate about the law for years, but it’s like this: You threaten me with a gun, I kill you. I go to prison, you go to the Cemetery, I get out before you do!”

    Seems to be a pretty good summarization of the American way right there. Ahhh Texas. Gives me so many warm and fuzzy feelings in my tummy it’s hard not to throw up.

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