I got chips, but no salsa

I really should do something constructive with my time.
the last week has been a wash. I have turned my brain off and gone to work. which is pretty irresponsible, given the economy and the job. if the roof caved in at work, I don’t know if anyone would come out to fix it; the corporate office would call it a business cost, and probably allow the building to continue rotting.
what I should be doing is applying for jobs. scheme. get things in gear. plan for moves two or three steps down the road. but … and there’s always a but … I don’t know in which direction to take my first step.
you could take that to mean anything you want it to, really. I am feeling listless, and bored, and lonely, and a little bit stupid. and I gotta figure a way to snap myself out of it.

one thing that still gets me up is the news, though. North Korea is claiming to have pulled off another underground nuclear test. I supposed ‘that sucks’ would be an understatement.
the world is going by outside, people are building bombs. fighting wars, getting married. but I can’t see it all, not from my window.


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  1. Cat on

    You could hang out with ME, you know. Jesus.

  2. Lang on

    Plaaaayyyyy, WOWWWWWWW…..

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