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so this story ran in the paper about ten days ago, and I sit about fifteen feet from the guy who wrote it. which was pretty cool, as I got to ask him a bunch of questions about it after I read it.
 it’s about Pat Mullins, the interim chairman of the Virginia GOP, whose home base is in the county just east of here. he’s been playing the politics game for a couple of decades now, and back in 2000 he was involved with a political action group that tried to smear then Republican primary candidate Eric Cantor — now the minority whip in Congress — over unpaid taxes. but — and this is where it gets solid — there was apparently a healthy streak of good ol’ fashioned anti-semitism involved in the ordeal, as well. Cantor is jewish.
this group, the Faith and Family Alliance, it  distentigrated over this tiff, and everyone has gone their separate ways. one guy is now a senior adviser on GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell’s campaign. and another is doing seven years in the clink for soliciting sex from a minor on the internet. of course he is.
Mullins is now seeking the permanent party chair. I think they’re voting on this pretty soon, maybe in only a few weeks. to be fair, it’s debatable how much Mullins was involved in all of this, and he and Cantor have now mended fences. but that doesn’t make any of this any less salacious.
yeah. yeah, maybe the reporter sold it to me a little bit, but I think it’s very interesting in a ‘it’s state politics, so really, who gives a fuck’ kind of way. and I was convinced, convinced, it was gonna take off. but no one’s paid any attention to it. this is political intrigue, people! so let’s make with the false outrage!


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    Good article. Chief Justice Roberts will be there for 40 years. It’s going to be interesting.

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