I went to the ACAC today.
a friend of mine hooked me up with a guest pass that they handed out as part of a membership drive. so I showed up with a five-day-old beard, in day-old laundry.
I felt a little underdressed. this gym is off the chain. there’s so much shit in there, it’s unbelievable. couple of different pools, racquetball courts, yoga studios, an indoor track, free weights, steam showers. every single treadmill has a cable television on it. there’s a fucking nurse on staff. a goddamn sundeck on the roof. and it’s about three blocks away.
it’d cost about twice as much as the gym I go to now. which makes sense; how else are they gonna pay for the absolutely necessary indoor waterfall without a price hike?
it is what grandma might call bourgeoise, yes. but I was still impressed. they should hurry up and build the YMCA already. this town needs more gyms, and cheap ones.

and I bought a reggae compilation with this song on it. hurray for reggae!


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    Reggae?!!?! Yuck.

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