Sen. Arlen Specter left the Republicans. they are pissed.
Arlen Specter is great, I think, and not because of his votes. I like him, if for no reason other the hostility shown toward him by everyone. even I hate Specter sometimes, most recently for his lack of support for the labor bill, the card check thing.
Democrats kind of hate him now because, as a Democrat friend of mine told me (I’m paraphrasing), “he’s our problem now. I’d rather have a progressive Demorat elected to the Senate from Pennsylvania than Arlen fucking Specter. he’s too conservative.”
I feel it is a national mood when I say America has hated him for years. still, Pennsylvania continues to elect him, but Republican primary voters (read: lunatics) will not. and yes, he wants to hold on to his seat with his crotchedy 80-year-old hands, but you have to give him this: Specter has the rare opinion in national politics, that of an actual, living, breathing moderate. I think that appeals to people, and Pennsylvania voters might appreciate that. or they might not. 
none of this makes him a hero by any means, but I can respect it.

what other shit is going down? they’re nationalizing GM. or just about. that’s, just. holy shit. I am thinking about how to approach this subject. I have a few ideas in mind, but not tonight.

and swine flu. from what I understand, my newspaper has had swine flu on the front page the last couple of days. I will be real, I haven’t read it on my days off, so I’ll have to get caught up with local happenings tomorrow, but that’s pretty bush league that we’re adding to pandemic hysteria. I hope I don’t turn out wrong, and witness millions dead, because that would be a pretty unproportional ‘I told you so.’ I am sorry I doubted you, swine flu, should you turn out to be the new great plague.

I applied at four jobs today, all of which I feel I’m qualified for and would be interested in having. I expect to hear back from none of them, and that’s the truth, which sucks, but is a probability.
they are all copy editing gigs, but they would be interesting. some for their locations, some for their possibilities. it is nearly summer again or it sure feels that way. I like it in Charlottesville, I could stay here for a while. but it is a big world out there as well. I’ve been reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I think it’s giving me a little wanderlust, though I’ve got no delusions about running into talking trees or winged beasts or the like.
I’m at the end of “The Two Towers”, which is a much better book than it is a movie, and there’s a lot of Gollum in it at this point, who, if you aren’t familiar with the Lord of the Rings stuff, is the tiny, emaciated hunchback in the loincloth on the Burger King cups during the films’ release. 
nothing like a mass marketing campaign to get nonreaders interested in big-studio movies. but Gollum is a rad character, I think, in either form. he’s like a vicious heroin addict. you just can’t trust him. in that spirit, I think, goes a Hunter Thompson quote from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” that reads:
“You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug, especially when its waving a razor sharp hunting knife in your eye.”
I doubt that Tolkien was going for an allegory about drug abuse. I imagine he was going for something much more epic. but it’s a thought.

I had a margarita tonight. Aarti digs margaritas. that’s three margaritas in as many weeks, and the first three I’ve ever had. I need to slow down on the margarita intake before it gets ahead of me, rule as they may.

I went and saw “Observe and Report” with a few friends, and it was a pretty strange movie. very cynical, very absurd, completely ridiculous, but funny nonetheless. and the music was great. I forgot how great ‘it’s late’ by Queen is.