I had a rough night on the desk tonight. work did not go well. I blew deadline. because of a massive fuckup on my part, and a rule I had forgotten that stands, and was only 15 minutes late because the night editor was sympathetic.
it’s amazing how childish it’s allowed to get in there. something about working under a nightly deadline with performance dictating job security. people melting down, passive aggressiveness. it’s like ‘Reservoir Dogs’ for pansies. I say this because I almost shit the bed when I realized I’d wasted a half an hour, and while no one seems to mind, I’m still embarrassed. I’m a grown-ass man. I’m yelling at a fucking computer.
dogs. that’s what should be done. vicious dogs should be allowed to roam the building after 5 pm. keep everyone on their toes while working. to keep everyone sharp, tense, in a primal kind of way. like chimps on a raid.
but despite work, I got everything I wanted to get done, done, today. errands-wise. housekeeping, taking out the garbage. so yes, Wednesday was draining, but I beat that motherfucker anyway, and I hope I don’t drop the ball tomorrow.

I am pumped out for this weekend. it is almost here. Phil is recently engaged, and legit. and I will see Galia, who I haven’t seen in a long, long time. you know how long ago Galia is? she’s ‘the first months of the blog’ long ago, when she was my roommate. I don’t think I will bring a camera.


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  1. Smith on

    have you actually read any of these memos in their entirety? jesus.

    what makes me mad is this “debate” on what’s legal and illegal, all based these lawyers’ interpretation. fuck that. courts are the ultimate determination on what the law is.

  2. Gali on

    i’ll have my camera. remember when we went around NY with a stick and a (?) and took pictures in different places in nyc? we were children then.. maybe we can do it on sunday.

  3. matt on

    we need to find the pictures of that stick, Gali.

  4. gali on

    where the eff are those stick pics?

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