pass through the locks

Jim Lehrer’s on ‘the Colbert Report’ right now. I dig this man a lot. I mean, really, name another newscaster as solid as he’s been over the same period of time. Dan Rather? showed his colors and ran. Larry King? praying mantis. Brokaw? in love with himself. Peter Jennings, dead, Tim Russert, dead and originally a politician, though ‘Meet the Press’ was really good with him in the chair.
Colbert just said something to the effect of ‘how can I tell this is Jim Lehrer and not two buttons stuck into a piece of balsa wood?’ which is a pretty spot-on description of the man. when delivering the news, he does not move, or show emotion. he rarely stutters. he chose the stories, and directs the content, so you know the wheels must be turning. but you’re still not sure; he still looks like a talking cardboard box.
he’s got good judgment, I think.

I wonder if Lehrer covered this tax day tea party shit. today was taxes-are-due day.
you may have noticed, somewhere, in your area, a Boston Tea Party-themed protest, originally organized by a conservative nonprofit run by Dick Armey, his real name, the former GOP majority leader, the man who called Barney Frank a fag. yes. oh yes, that’s right.
it’s been sold as a catchall fuck-you to the federal government because of the massive deficit, the waves of bailouts for large financial institutions, rising unemployment, and a economic strategy that calls for more spending. because, as Larry Summers has probably said, the economy needs to be jolted back to life. with more spending.
that pisses a lot of people off, all them Joe Sixpacks that McCain never actually knew. but a lot of people are really, let’s be honest, pretty stupid, and we’re especially stupid in groups. for instance: no one bothers to note that Obama’s tax proposals are aimed at the wealthy and not at the middle class.
so, anyway, at tea party events, you got a lot of people dressed like the Fourth of July, holding signs that read ‘fuck taxes’, and ‘obamas a socialist’. which was really the idea. it’s a strike at the political movement in power, but I’d bet it doesn’t really go anywhere. I mean, where would it go? I’d love to read some of those morons’ ten-step plans to fixin’ the economy.
but still, I have to say: harping on cable news channels for being shitty, pandering cariactures of news organizations is pretty worn out, so I try not to. but Fox News blatantly rabble-roused for this event. 
that’s just, god. that’s just ridiculous. Lehrer would never do that.