we’re both from the 219

Preacher Joel Osteen is on the tube. I don’t know who this motherfucker is, but I don’t like him. 
Larry King just asked him, something to the effect of: ‘because more and more state judicial systems are legalizing gay marriage, shouldn’t the definition of marriage be taken from state sanctified unions? meaning, if you wanna get married, go to the church. if you wanna combine benefits and get tax breaks, go to the state.’
and Osteen looked at him, hard for about five seconds, and he said, ‘I don’t know what ya mean …’ and then, ‘well, I’m not too sure about that stuff, but I think the Bible says marriage is defined …’
his wife, who manages to be a tent preacher and a well-dressed woman I’d bang at the sametime, she grins.
good for Iowa. it’s good that it’s Iowa that legalized gay marriage, because it befuddles social conservatives. causes worry. go get em, Des Moines.

let’s get heavy
here is a commercial that’s getting play during Christianity’s holy week.
did you see Easter’s coming up? oh yes. I am surprised too. this used to be a serious part of the holiday season. now, I haven’t been to church in the longest time.  I don’t feel bad about that, not really. I had a couple of friends stake a pretty serious claim on the faith issue, but I’ve always felt: neutral, leaning a little toward faith. mom forced us to church, and not a lot of the actual liturgy stuck. but I got the community. the sense of identity. there’s something worthwhile in that, in having a lot of that in the world. maybe that’s god. heavy!
anyway, I once drank a beer on Easter. felt kind of bad about that.


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  1. Anonymous on

    One Easter I put someone in a headlock

  2. matt on

    that sounds about par for the course.

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