because I am no man, I am an ape

I didn’t get laid off at work yesterday. that was the big scare.
four people in the editorial department got laid off. just, poof, no more jobs, irrationally.
no. it was done very rationally, and that’s the scariest part. becauase look: what they did is they gave the department head two numbers of total salary, and told him to go from one down to the other. that’s rational. from A to B.
all four of these people are hardworking people, who’ve got bills to pay, same as you and me. and they became, as one of them told me tonight, a percentage of a percentage of a percentage. I thought that was kind of heavy, when he said that, which is why I’m recalling it here.
right now, you’re watching the newspaper business cannibalize itself to stay alive. it’s like the industry is seeing a wtichdoctor for its ailments; its treatments, its solutions to its problems are ludicrous. and if you hadn’t noticed any of this, this drawn-out death rattle of the fourth estate, buy a newspaper to learn more about it. because that’s where everyone still gets their news, anyway. and newspapers cover their own too.

Spencer is here in town and I am glad he is here. he is on a longterm road trip, with the end of the line in Wyoming. he is going to law school in the fall and has a girlfriend that he digs. Spencer is, as the kids say, legit. 
he is good company. company takes up your time, and it’s been nice to not think about work for most of today. we hiked up Old Rag, a small mountain in Shenandoah National Park. a hike the Canadian recommended. he called it a ‘full body workout’. that stuck with me for some reason, so we quoted it liberally during the walk to the top. the view was wonderful at the summit.
so. now that my entire body has been worked, I’m beat; I walked up a goddamned mountain today! I need to sleep, so I can get some stuff done tomorrow. pay the rent. file my taxes. maybe go and see a movie. and read the newspaper.

bonus: here is a music video of a band that Spencer digs. this song’s not bad.