my Final Four is Fucked

I’m not really in the mood to crack a newspaper. and read something like, I don’t know, something like this: Geithner making a depressingly reasoned argument for the federal regulation of a bunch of obscure, highly profitable financial markets, that  House minority leader John Boehner will denounce as infringements upon the very idea of American Democracy. even though no one wants it to happen. I don’t think anyone actually wants the government to expand, or to listen to a braying jackass like John Boehner talk. but these things, well. 
the market is so fucking big, so unruly, that things can get out of hand in it if checks, if reasonable safeguards are not in place. when there aren’t, many greedy, stupid assholes will make too many bad bets and create a tidal wave of shit. a Shit Tsunami. and someone’s gotta be called in to lifeguard that foul wave pool. oh yes: this is the life of the future employee in the federal bureaucracy created to keep an eye on the market: lifeguards on a sea of poo.

but what about hoops?
but right now, I’m not into reading about that, that which I know is in the paper. I’m not. because this is serious business, and there’s five bucks at stake: two of my picks lost. Memphis to Mizzou, and Duke to Villanova. that second was admittedly fun to watch. they’re so fuckin’ detestable, Duke is, for some reason. but I’ve got one through to Saturday (Pitt) and two still alive (Louisville and Oklahoma).
jesus. if Oklahoma gets past Syracuse and UNC, they’re gonna win the whole tournament. and Louisville need only stomp the living fuck out of Arizona before beating Michigan State. and that was some dumb shit, in retrospect, picking Oklahoma. but it could still happen.

still, with the movie?
this movie, ‘The Harder They Come’, I watched parts of it again today. the musical parts. the movie is interspersed with live takes of music, in a documentary style. the camera just happens to be in the room; nothing’s been rehearsed. in one scene, the poor-boy doomed hero protagonist is in love with the warden of a baptist preacher, so he follows her to church service.
and a second preacher, he delivers a sermon. and it’s an actual sermon, and then the camera records a hymnal where the entire congregation gets down for about five minutes. sweating, and electric guitars and organs, and breaks and faints. it’s really well done. and the music, it’s really fucking great, man, I’m not telling you any lies.

some unlucky jerk got hit by a car just outside my door tonight, and killed. on this road Avon they just installed, just tore up the street and slowed traffic for a whole week to put in lights for a crosswalk. pedestrians can trigger to stop traffic. it’s great. and then this happens.