got a t-shirt at the baseball game tonight

it’s bright orange.

watched a movie tonight called ‘The Harder they Come’. Jamaican crime film. I thought it was gonna be, well. gonna be awful, but I was surprised. has it’s melodramatic moments, but it’s actually quite self-aware and fresh for a movie made almost 40 years ago. though I could barely understand what those motherfuckers were saying half the time. and god bless america, but the music is really good.

I watched the Jim Cramer bit on the Daily Show. that shit was as trainwreck. hard to watch. the kind of interview that makes the viewer uncomfortable.
a major criticism of the network this trained ape, Cramer, works for is that it is in bed with the people they’re supposed to be reporting on. I’m not going to pretend that I watch a lot of CNBC, but I will say that the few times that I have watched it makes me angry.
no, really: have you ever seen ‘Squawk Box’? it’s a lot of yelling, done by a bunch of B-team traders who now work as analysts, and airhead news anchors who serve as their referees. and this is a guarantee: they’re always talking about bullshit, making prognostications that inevitably turn out wrong. because almost all of those fuckers didn’t see the tidal wave coming. none of em expected they’d soon have to explain to middle America why untangling some rich asshole’s credit default swaps was now a matter of national emergency.
but that’s an entirely different criticism  of CNBC’ than the one that Jon Stewart was dressing down Mad Dog Jim Cramer about. Stewart was talking about the network’s perceived cheerleading for the market.
… I don’t think there’s any question that CNBC cheerleads for the market. how are you supposed to expect access, information from these companies unless you’re portraying them in a positive light?
it’s like how cops reporters have to build familiarity, a sense of trust with the police departments they work with if they hope to get information. but on a much larger scale, with entities that deal entirely with accumulating wealth. 
but imagine if CNBC’s editorial direction was run by a group of committed Marxists. holy shit. I’d watch it for the entertainment value alone every day. 

and what’s this I’m reading right now about Treasury Secretary and doe-eyed pansy Timothy Geithner and a proposal to expand government oversight of the financial sector?
this is it, girls. where we separate the men from the capitalists.
yes. I like that last line because I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean, either.
so. tomorrow morning I am going to guzzle coffee and read about this wonderful involuntary reckoning with consumption and debt.