lets talk about the pope

the pope is in Africa for the first time. this story is fascinating. the pope puts out a couple of fires about witch hunts, right after he explains to gathered reporters that condom use is actually spreading HIV infection.
see, some peoples in sub-saharan Africa have mixed their Christian faith with native animism and belief in sorcery. and then some of those people blame children and the elderly for problems and ills, and then they torture, sometimes kill them. this is an easy call. good one, pope.
but then the leader of the Catholic Church sticks to a tenant that life begins at conception, so much that blocking fertilization and fluid exchange with a latex wrapper is considered a sin.
the only real way to avoid AIDS, he says, is not to have sex. you hear that, millions of people living on $2.50 a day with slim hopes of improving living conditions?  you don’t even get sex anymore. and it’s because the mystic octogenarian who has been celibate his entire life says the Bible don’t allow it.
he is terrifying and amazing. he is looney tunes. fuck him.  he is, the pope.

Villanova’s got Duke coming up. Big East vs. ACC. I have Duke winning this, but I don’t want that to happen.
tomorrow, I’ve got Xavier over Wisconsin, Syracuse over Arizona State, and Michigan State over USC. they fucking better.