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“so this is what everybody’s always talking about! diablo! if only I’d known. the beauty! the beauty!”
– four days ago

after finishing the last book, I’ve started another. ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’. I’ve never read the whole thing. I laid out all weekend and read. it was great out this weekend, like summer already. hottest March 8 on record in Charlottesville.
the dominant picture on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper is a publicity still released by a film company. the picture shows a local product, who got his bound-to-be mediocre sex comedy movie made, and Hugh Hefner, who appears in the movie in a cameo. the cutline refers to Hugh Hefner as ‘the famous pornographer’.
we went with ‘famous pornographer’,because it is true to the letter. and oddly hilarious.

I’m flipping through the tube, seeing if anything’s on. nothing, nothing, nothing … oh. here’s ‘Captain Ron’. well, game on, Captain Ron. game on.
you know, the character Captain Ron really is the shit. some 40-year-old half-burnout with an permanent sun tan and a great job.
that character is based on some foundation of truth, which means someone out there’s a Captain Ron. someone has that job, and someone takes pictures of stars for a living, too.

snake plissken ruled, too


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