son of a bitch

… In the United States, conservatives have never bashed socialism because its specter was actually stalking America. Rather, they’ve wielded the cudgel against such progressive reforms as free universal education, the minimum wage or tighter financial regulations. Their signal success is to have kept the United States free from the taint of universal health care. The result: We have the world’s highest health-care costs, borne by businesses and employees that cannot afford them; nearly 50 million Americans have no coverage; infant mortality rates are higher than those in 41 nations — but at least (phew!) we don’t have socialized medicine.
— this Harold Meyerson guy in the Washington Post today

I didn’t get that job in DC. fuck. fuck. back to the drawing board.

went to the doctor this morning. they think it’s just a pull, or a minor tear. so, the professional opinion is: stay off it for a week or two, take this prescription and go get you some muscle relaxers at the pharmacy. oh, boy. I’m debating taking one before work; I gotta be there in an hour. the front page would look fuckin’ awesome if I ate a bunch of muscle relaxers before putting it together.

yesterday was a good day.
I read ‘Hop on Pop’ to a captive audience of third-graders at the elementary school down the way, and explained how reading factors into my life, what I do, etc. then answered about twenty minutes of questions, which, to be real, were pretty on topic for a bunch of 8-year-olds. like, one of them asked: “what happens if you take a picture of someone and put their name in the newspaper if they don’t want to be in the newspaper?” and I said something like, “well, then you’d be up shi… . you’d be up a creek without a paddle.”
it was legit. kids are great. I mean, I’m sure dealing with all of the administration, the paperwork, the occasional parent that you know is abusive, that’d be awful. but I think being a teacher would be a really cool job. I mean, you work with children all day. that’d be all kinds of fun.
afterward, went into work. it started poorly; after budget, I was convinced that the front page that I was responsible for was going to look awful. the story selection was shitty, and there weren’t any local pictures worth anything. my back continued to hurt, and Indiana lost to Michigan State in the last thirty seconds of the game. that was our national championship this year, had we won it. I was pissy for a solid 45 minutes after the game.
but, as the night went on, the front came together around a picture of foreign-born soldiers being sworn in as American citizens. a legitimately nice photo. earned citizenship by fighting in this man’s army. reminded me of ‘Starship Troopers’, this sci-fi book they made a popcorn flick out of about a decade ago. there’s a similar theme in it. interesting read. and they kill space aliens in it, if you’re into that. A1 turned out quite nice, I was pretty happy with it.
the night ended with a homerun, and then I came home, checked the mail. finally got paid for that editing thing for the USGBC. the manager hooked me up, gave me substantial bonus. but, apparently, the government will take a substantial bite out of it. that sucks.  but money is money is money, and I could use it. especially this month, god damn furloughs.

so. it’s been some ups and downs, a lot of news for me in the last days.