don’t miss the point

unpaid furloughs at work now. ten days. that’s two weeks. when getting the good news, I thought we were gonna turn on the Mouth of Sauron, the HR lady. but it turns out, she’s getting the cut too.
yes, it has happened: the economy is touching me. in my swimsuit area, but I didn’t ask it to. it’s in my personal bubble, and I don’t like it.

oh, yeah: the Fed thinks the economy’s gonna contract. more.

I had a job interview last week in DC. National Academy of Sciences. it’d be on Constitution Ave., in Foggy Bottom, across the street from the State Department. I’ve been back-and-forth on it, whether or not I’d want the job, but it’s growing more appealing. I must say. I must say.
but I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve been looking at apartments on Craigslist and the like. jesus god, is that shit expensive. unless you wanna live in Trinidad or all the way the fuck out in Anacostia. so what’s gonna happen, probably, is I’ll end up in the basement bedroom at my brother’s apartment. which is fine by me. the rent’s definitely cheaper. and he’s got cable.
in reality, I’m gearing up for not getting the job. I’m supposed to hear back as of next week, and, yeah, the interview went well, but I find it wise to keep my expectations grounded around the “I’m always fucked” level. it made it easier to get over Hawaii … god damn it, Hawaii. I could be living in that tropical paradise. learning to cook ital.

I work again, some more, tomorrow. le Canadien needed the day off, and, well, fuck it. Wisconsin’s gonna destroy IU tomorrow night anyhow. I can stand watching only so many moral victories.

to end: some GOP governors are considering declining federal stimulus funds. good idea. see how that works out.