I’m on the other side of the world

Week two of yoga for stiff people.
I can feel things shifting  in my body that don’t normally shift. no, really. I’m snapping. I’m popping. I’m snapping and popping. I’m in the best goddamned shape of my life.

I was exhausted today, all the same. feel like I got feet stuck in molasses. I don’t know what it is, why I’m tired all of the time. tonight, at work, the computer took a shit and died, kept us there late. the Canadian looked like his head was gonna explode. motherfucker’s been working too long.

you know what I think it is, my malaise? I need a tattoo.
that’s it. I think that’s what’s been holding me back. it’s gonna be crossbones, on my shoulder, or maybe my forearm. it’ll look amazing. I’ll have to fight the bitches off with a stick.

I’m yawning. do you see this? I’m yawning. full of veggie lasagna and Rolling Rock. I want to learn how to cook ital, get a job in the Carribean on a touring yacht as a chef, and be so tan that I can’t get sunburnt. and never touch a computer again. I also need to read ‘Rule of the Bone’ again. you ever read that book?


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  1. ashley on

    really, you’re doing yoga?

    that’s cool, my sister is into that…she took me to one class and I thought it was fun to try all the moves. And I think they’re right about breathing…we never breathe deep enough, and it does make a difference to do so. Less stress and all that jazz.

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