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“One of the problems we have, gentlemen, is that . . . in an effort to get the credit system functioning, things will be done that will be to the benefit of the institutions over which you preside because there is no alternative.
“You need to understand, as I think many of you do, how angry that makes people.
-Barney Frank, today

I just watched about ten minutes of ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ on CNN.
it was proselytizing about eight or nine bank executives in front of a House subcommittee, answering questions on the mismanaged bank bailout. granted, this gallery is a collection of different cakes and cookies made from the scum of the earth, but come on.
CNN professes to be even-handed. fine. so be even-handed. I can come to my own conclusions about who’s acting like a dickhead in the public arena right now. it isn’t hard.
the one thing I will say, though, is that this tv program spread it around, made everyone involved look stupid. for instance: some congressman from just outside Boston, who probably voted for the original bailout legislation (yes, it was on Oct. 3rd), did some solid grandstanding for political gain during this six hour marathon of suck. and CNN aired his entire rant, during which he compared eight men worth hundreds of millions of dollars to a teenage bike gang and threw his best lines: ‘America doesn’t trust you anymore’. they gave him plenty of time to jam his foot in his mouth. I appreciate that, even if allowing  Sir Galahad … I mean, Rep. Michael Capuano, to reveal himself to be a jackass wasn’t their editorial intent.

either way you come down on it, though, it’s a lot of money that’s coming down the pike. the new bill for these national jumper cables is, what, it’s $780. billion? and that’s just the stimulus bill. this has nothing to do with the money the financial sector is gonna be getting.
I’m not an economic liberal. I’ll explain why: I define my standing on economic policy by what I’m not. there are people who really believe that the free market is The Cornerstone of our Democracy. I think that’s bullshit, and adulatory of the dollar. but I don’t really have faith that those behind this huge plan to pump juice into the economy will do it right. so what I am instead, I think, is an economic cynic.
I sure hope I’m wrong. after all, it’s the party I voted for that’s pushing this.

but. if they manage to get this card check shit through, then, well, I’ll be happy. at least a little.


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