Robin Zander reads dudeokay

how we gonna pay the rent
the water stopped running into my kitchen sink while I was halfway through the dishes.
that shit’s really weak, landlord. I pay way too much rent for this kind of bullshit to be happening. add this to: half of the wall sockets are dead, the fan doesn’t work, there’s no insulation in half of the apartment, and there’s a hole next to the water heater where the coons can come in from where they live, under the roof, directly above my head.

fuck him
Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroid use, or maybe he did. I got ESPN on, they’re weeping about it. it’s the worst day in the history of baseball!
to that I say: oh, jesus christ. let’s all get a grip. is anyone surprised? no, really?

I’m gonna get a boyfriend instead
guess what I’m doing tomorrow.
no. that’s wrong. you degenerate.
I’m going to a yoga class. I haven’t any idea if this is a good idea or not. meaning, it’s an hour long, and I can imagine thinking to myself after 15 minutes, “what the hell am I doing here?” I hope that’s not what happens.
like a jackass, I brought it up at work today, and was widely ridiculed for it. the only reason you go to yoga is to meet women, said the sports desk.
and well, shit, I didn’t have any answer for that, it was pretty funny, because he was only halfway kidding.

annnd, that’s it. let’s see what the Obamaniacs get done this week. this business in DC on the stimulus package, heh heh heh, is getting testy.